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A Hologram for the King- review

While I have wanted to read a Dave Eggers novel for a while, I never really took the initiative to buy his works. Many friends had recommended The Circle, which I planning on getting soon, but in spite of that, I never got any of his books. I finally came across A Hologram for the King while at  a book fair. Two things immediately popped out at me; the title- which made me think it was some sci-fi story, and the cover itself (see picture) which I found gorgeous.  Summary and review after the jump.

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6 packs in 6 weeks. Do each move for a minute 4 times a week.

I will just take his 6-pack if that’s ok :)

Okay. I am so out of shape that after the first three I was completely out of breath and starting to sweat. Obviously this is something I should do on a more regular basis.

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